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Pluto, 16 x 20 in., Oil, Linen, 2021

Pluto, 16 x 20 in., Oil, Linen, 2021

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"Pluto," a striking example of optical art or 'Op Art,' is a remarkable piece of Post-Modern artwork by renowned artist Rossi Kelton. This intriguing abstract painting employs the illusory style, a form of artistic expression that cleverly manipulates visual perception to create the illusion of depth, movement, and perspective that goes beyond the confines of a two-dimensional canvas.

At the heart of "Pluto" lies the spirit of Post-Modernism—subverting traditional artistic expectations, challenging the status quo, and embracing ambiguity. Kelton demonstrates this by rejecting the flatness of the canvas and opting instead to engage the viewer in an immersive, almost hypnotic, visual experience.

The painting's composition is a mind-bending labyrinth of geometric figures. Lines and curves weave together in a rhythmic dance, creating a mesmerizing network of shapes and designs. Kelton's precision and attention to detail give rise to the illusion of a three-dimensional space, with the geometric elements seemingly pulsating and shifting before the viewer's eyes.

Kelton's choice of colors further enhances the optical illusion. The cold, distant hues of blues, purples, and blacks are reminiscent of the icy surface of Pluto, the farthest planet in our solar system. Interspersed with these cool tones are flecks of white and silver, adding a sparkle that echoes the distant stars in the universe.

The abstract nature of "Pluto" ensures that each viewer's experience is personal and subjective, contingent on their interpretation and interaction with the artwork. As the viewer's gaze navigates the canvas, the geometric shapes appear to twist, pulse, and morph. This dynamic interplay tricks the eye, giving the illusion that the painting is in a constant state of flux.

Rossi Kelton's "Pluto" demonstrates the transformative power of the illusory style in Op Art.Her creation is not merely an artwork to be admired from a distance but rather an interactive visual journey to be experienced. Through this masterful illusion, Kelton has ingeniously blurred the line between viewer and artwork, proving that art can be as mutable and infinite as the universe it seeks to represent.


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