Sunny Marsh
Sunny Marsh
Sunny Marsh

Sunny Marsh

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The story of the Sunny Marsh

A very important part of a landscape painting is a strong composition. This is the element that unites the entire painting. In Sunny Marsh, I wanted to express my feelings of happiness and warmth. It is also a painting of water which has very complex challenges because water gets its color from the surrounding area. This is an oil painting of a freshwater marsh biome that is found at the mouth of a river with low drainage. I chose this scene because of the rhythmic shapes and complex colors. I wanted to capture the quality of light and space in a marshland on a sunny day. I used aerial perspective by making succeeding planes cooler and less intense to create a sense of distance. Imagine your voyage in the shrubs, weeds or reeds at the edge of the lake or stream looking for the best area to fish. This is a representation of the majesty of nature in all its glory. I want to demonstrate my ability to capture the beauty of nature in the brightness of her colors. I want to paint light utilizing all the techniques of the impressionists. A feeling of beauty and wonder of nature is expressed by the use of brushes, knives, drying oil media and oil colors.

Description:                                      PROPERTY OF ARTIST ROSSANA KELTON

Rossana Kelton ‘Rossi’ (B. 1960)

Signed, titled and dated ‘Sunny Marsh’, August, Atlanta, 2019 (on the reverse)

Oil on canvas

11 x 14 in. (60 x 91 cm)

Painted in 2019


Collection of Artist, Rossana ‘Rossi’ Kelton, 2019 

Condition Report: 

The condition of this painting can vary widely and the nature of the paint sold means that they are unlikely to be in perfect condition. Paintings are sold in the condition that they are at the time of sale.