Color is a visceral and even spiritual language that influences the way I feel when I paint. As I move pigment, I feel the power of color to improve and refine my soul.  To keep color primary, I employ a kind of surface-focused, geometric abstraction that is kinetic.    I am blind in my right eye and process information differently from most everyone else. I have less depth perception and field of vision. My eyes compensate, and I have learned to work with my disability. I do not look at my lack of vision as an obstacle but rather as an experience. I have learned to grow from this experience.

      I deliver dynamic movement of hues by using repeated forms and geometric shapes with bright colors and robust textures in my work. I aim to communicate the properties of color according to saturation in my work by showing geometric structures that demonstrate Reflection in terms of Additive color,  Subtractive color, Chromatic induction, and Transchromie transparencies. I aim to communicate the property of hue in my work by painting artwork that shows simultaneous contrast. 

     I looked for inspiration in my work at the optical artists of the 1950s and 1960s, such as Victor Vasarely, Josef Albers, and Carlos Cruz-Diez. Works like Two Circles, One Triangle use flat, solid geometric objects, similar to  Josef Albers technique, with green circles and one solid red Triangle. Carlos Cruz-Diez's innovative materials and methods inspired me to use fluorescent plexiglass to study color saturation, fragmentation from the plane, and the liberation of color from a form in Transchromie fluorescent plexiglass transparencies. Other works have complex subsurface interactions that create light sensations.

     I want to demonstrate that the language of color can be communicated to visually impaired people.  I am researching ways to create this communication with other individuals that are visually impaired. I want to demonstrate that the language of color can be communicated to visually impaired people in terms of saturation and hue. I am currently working with silkscreen printing and creating kinetic art installations that interact with visually impaired viewers.