Sunny Vases
Sunny Vases
Sunny Vases

Sunny Vases

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The story of Sunny Vases

The subject of this painting is to represent three vases with different sizes and shapes. I want to make people happy with a sunny day and very bright colorful vases. In this oil painting, I painted a still-life of simple objects that have a matte finish and are not shiny or reflective. Each vase was selected to meet the requirements of temperature and color. I chose a combination of various color objects with different values and chroma, such as the bright white vase and the dull blue vase. I also have a dark blue vase and the light white vase. I looked for warm colors, such as the orange and red warm vase and cool colors such as the blue vase. This painting made a great study of light and dark and dull and bright colors. I used bright and dull colors to create light and build a three-dimensional form. The shadows cast from opaque objects are usually darker near the base of the object.

Description:                                     PROPERTY OF ARTIST ROSSANA KELTON

      Rossana Kelton ‘Rossi’ (B. 1960)

      Signed, titled and dated ‘Sunny Vases’, August, Atlanta, 2019 (on the reverse)

      Oil on canvas

      16 x 20 in. (41 x 51 cm)

      Painted in 2019



      Collection of Artist, Rossana ‘Rossi’ Kelton, 2018

      Condition Report: 

      The condition of this painting can vary widely and the nature of the paint sold means that they are unlikely to be in perfect condition. Paintings are sold in the condition that they are at the time of sale.