Boat on a Dock
Boat on a Dock

Boat on a Dock

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Description:                                   PROPERTY OF ARTIST ROSSANA KELTON

Rossana Kelton ‘Rossi’ (B. 1960)

Signed, titled and date ‘Boat on a Dock’, October, Miami, 2010 (on the reverse)

Oil on canvas

12 x 24 in. (30 x 61 cm)

Painted in 2010


Collection of Artist, Rossana ‘Rossi’ Kelton, 2019


Condition Report: 

The condition of this painting can vary widely and the nature of the paint sold means that they are unlikely to be in perfect condition. Paintings are sold in the condition that they are at the time of sale. 


Neo-impressionism interpretation of a boat in the dock. The oil painting was created utilizing Seurat's style of pointillism. Rossi created the style by utilizing different strokes in different areas of the image. Notice the small, distinct dots of color which have been applied in different patterns to form an image. The eye and mind of the viewer blend the color spots into a fuller range of tones. 

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