Title: Pear Surprise     Media: Oil on Paper   Size: 8 x 10 inches

Pear Surprise

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Artist statement


Coming from a poor upbringing in Uruguay, a small country in South America, I relate to poverty and hunger. I was homeless a couple of years ago, and I understand the desperation of being a woman without a roof over your head. This is why I paint images of homeless women in an impressionist abstract manner. I call my process spontaneous realism. My work is about using simple texture, line, color, shape, space, and form to create emotions. The broken color impressionist technique inspired Pear Surprise. The viewer is forced to look at the painting closer to differentiate form from color.  Pear Surprise has an intensity in the form of a 2D/3D perceptual shift. The effect is energy, strength, and depth. The work also has complexity and unity that create balance. Pear Surprise is part of my initial body of work supporting the Feed Me Project, which raised funds for homeless women and shelters.


Rossana Kelton ‘Rossi’ (B. 1960)

Signed, dated, and titled Pear Surprise, March, Atlanta, 2017 (on the reverse)

Materials: Sennelier hand-made oils on acid-free Arches paper

 Dimensions: 8 x 10 in. (20 x 25 cm)

Date: Painted in 2017


Collection of Artist, Rossana ‘Rossi’ Kelton, 2020

Condition Report: 

The condition of this painting is excellent.  Paintings are sold in the condition that they are at the time of sale.