Four-Masted Barquentine

Four-Masted Barquentine

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Description:                                      PROPERTY OF ARTIST ROSSANA KELTON

Rossana Kelton ‘Rossi’ (B. 1960)

Signed, titled and date ‘Four-masted Barquentine', January, Atlanta, 2013 (on the reverse)

Oil on canvas

11 x 14 in. (28 x 36 cm)

Painted in 2013


Collection of Artist, Rossana ‘Rossi’ Kelton, 2018

Condition Report: 

The condition of this painting can vary widely and the nature of the paint sold means that they are unlikely to be in perfect condition. Paintings are sold in the condition that they are at the time of sale. 


Rossi created this oil painting thinking of the smell of the ocean and the sound of the wind during great sailing adventures. She wanted her sailing friends to remember their sailing adventures in their schooners out at sea. Her inspiration was the old schooner barque ( called barquentine or schooner bark) and the old marine masters such as Fitz Hugh Lane. These sailing vessels have three or more masts with a square-rigged foremast and a fore-and-aft rigged main, mizzen and any other masts.  She used Dick Blick Premier Cotton Canvas and Winsor /Newton, Utretch and Senelier handmade oil colors. She only ships artwork stretched and delivery includes packaging materials and a Masonite-like board to protect the work.

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