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Maria II, 16 x 20 in., Oil, Canvas,2017

Maria II, 16 x 20 in., Oil, Canvas,2017

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Title: Maria II

Maria II, an oil painting on canvas, is a vividly colorful, abstract portrait of a woman profile, a fusion of artistic interpretation and passionate colors. The enigmatic profile of Maria is a celebration of the human form, a juxtaposition of bold hues and intricate, unapologetic brushwork. The painting measures 50x60 inches, a size that allows the viewer to fully immerse in the details and emotion presented.

The colors of the painting are rich and lively. Maria's profile is colored in warm flesh tones, her visage drawn with a confident hand. The artist's palette is a vibrant celebration of reds, greens, blues, and yellows - a creative symphony of hues that merge and contrast in a dance of chromatic poetry. The hues, at times, seem to leap off the canvas in their vibrancy, but are deftly controlled and maintained within a harmonious composition that is a feast for the eyes.

The backdrop of Maria II is a dynamic and powerful interpretation of her persona and mood. The artist has managed to capture and translate the innate energy and spirit of Maria onto canvas. The reds are fiery, symbolic of Maria's passion and fervor, while the blues are serene, reflective of her tranquil and contemplative side. The greens and yellows bring life and dynamism to the piece, symbolizing nature and vitality.

Maria's eyes, despite being abstractly depicted, are one of the most captivating elements of the painting. They are a mirror of her soul, telling a story deeper than words could express. A glance into those eyes reveals an infinite depth of emotion - hope, strength, wisdom, and perhaps, a hint of melancholy.

Maria II is not just an abstract portrait, it is a sensory experience. It is a celebration of femininity and human emotion, a testament to the power of colors and abstraction in narrating a story, a mood, a feeling. The bold and free brush strokes, the rich, unblended patches of color, and the expressive form of Maria herself, combine to form an abstract portrayal that is both emotionally charged and aesthetically pleasing.

Every brushstroke in Maria II breathes life into the canvas, every color has a purpose, every abstract shape forms part of a whole. The painting is an enigmatic puzzle, a narrative that invites the viewer to interpret and understand Maria through their unique perspective. This personal interaction with the artwork adds to its allure, making it a masterpiece that continues to captivate and intrigue long after the initial viewing.

In conclusion, Maria II is a tribute to the human spirit, an encapsulation of the multitudes that every individual carries within them. It is an exploration of color, form, and feeling - a symphony in oil on canvas that captivates and moves the viewer, inviting them to engage, to question, and to feel. This abstract depiction of a woman, Maria, is a vivid journey through emotion and color, an unforgettable artistic experience.



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