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Color Addition Eleven, 30 x 26.7 in., Acrylic,Metal, 2021

Color Addition Eleven, 30 x 26.7 in., Acrylic,Metal, 2021

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"Color Addition Eleven" is a captivating optical artwork that seamlessly combines the vibrant hues of yellow and purple acrylic paint on a metal surface. This visually striking piece of art is designed by intersecting diagonal lines of yellow and purple to create an intriguing color effect, resulting in a unique reddish, bluish shade.

The deliberate placement of the diagonal lines serves as a masterful technique employed by the artist to manipulate the viewer's perception of color. As the yellow and purple lines converge, they interact optically, blending together and giving rise to an optical illusion of a reddish bluish hue. This phenomenon is known as color addition, where the mixture of two primary colors produces a secondary color. In this case, the combination of yellow and purple results in an unexpected and captivating reddish bluish tone.

The use of acrylic paint further enhances the visual impact of "Color Addition Eleven." Acrylics are known for their vividness and versatility, allowing artists to achieve a wide range of effects. In this artwork, the yellow and purple hues are chosen specifically for their complementary nature, intensifying the optical illusion and creating a sense of balance and harmony.

The choice of metal as the canvas for this artwork adds an additional layer of intrigue. The reflective surface of the metal interacts with the colors, causing them to shimmer and change as the viewer moves around the piece. This dynamic quality adds depth and dimension to the artwork, making it an ever-evolving visual experience.

"Color Addition Eleven" invites viewers to engage with the artwork on multiple levels. From a distance, the intersecting diagonal lines create a bold and geometric pattern, drawing the eye and commanding attention. As one approaches closer, the optical illusion of the reddish bluish hue becomes more apparent, captivating the viewer's imagination and challenging their perception of color.

Through the deliberate combination of yellow and purple acrylic paint on a metal surface, "Color Addition Eleven" transcends the boundaries of traditional art and explores the interplay between colors, perception, and optical illusions. It serves as a testament to the artist's mastery of technique and their ability to create captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

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