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Transform Your Space with Art: The Color Blue




Sarah loved interior design. She was always looking for new ideas and inspiration for decorating her home, but she felt something needed to be added. Sarah realized her space lacked personality and character and wanted to add some unique touches to make it feel more like her.



One day, Sarah decided to take an art class to learn more about different art styles and techniques. She was excited to finally learn how to create beautiful art pieces and use them to decorate her home. During the course, she discovered the fascinating world of art and how it could transform a space.



The more Sarah learned about art, the more confident she became in decorating her home. She experimented with different types of art, from abstract paintings to sculptures, and found that each piece had its unique charm. She learned to use colors, textures, and patterns to create a cohesive and visually appealing space.


As Sarah continued to practice and refine her skills, she incorporated her artwork into her home decor. Her living room became a gallery of her creations, and she felt a sense of pride and joy every time she looked at her art-filled walls.


Not only did Sarah's newfound love of art enhance the aesthetic of her home, but it also provided a therapeutic outlet for her. Creating art was a relaxing and meditative process that helped her unwind after a long day.


Sarah's journey of learning to decorate with art transformed her home and her life. She discovered a new passion that brought her joy and fulfillment, and she was grateful for the opportunity to explore her creativity in a new way.


Add a Pop of Personality to Your Space: Decorating with Color 

 The story of color is going to be broken down into different sections. The first section is about decorating using the color Blue.


When you select artwork that complements the colors in your set, it can tie the room together and make it feel complete. Here are some reasons you might want to learn how to color coordinate art with interior decor: Interior designers use blue to create multiple effects in a space. Here are a few ways interior designers decorate with the color blue:


1. Create a calming atmosphere: Blue is a serene and calming color that can help create a peaceful atmosphere in a space. Interior designers often use shades of blue in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas where relaxation is essential. 

Art by Rossi Kelton, 2023



2. Add a pop of color: Bold shades of Blue can add a pop of color to a space, making it feel livelier and more energetic. Interior designers might use blue accent pieces like throw pillows, artwork, or even a blue accent wall to inject color into a neutral space.




 Art by Rossi Kelton, 2023



3. Create a coastal vibe: Blue is often associated with the ocean and the beach, so interior designers might use shades of Blue to create a coastal vibe in a space. It might involve incorporating blue and white stripes, using seashell accents, or adding a beach scene mural. 




beach house, art, blue, neutral blue, beige, Rossi Kelton Fine Art Gallery 

  Art by Rossi Kelton, 2023



4. Create a sense of depth: Darker shades of Blue can create a sense of depth in a space, making it feel more extensive and expansive. Interior designers might use navy blue accents or a blue wall to create this effect. 




 blue, fine art, painting, blue depth, interior decor, rossi kelton fine art gallery

        Art by Rossi Kelton, 2023



5. Pair with other colors:  Blue can be paired with various colors to create moods and atmospheres. For example, blue and yellow can create a cheerful, sunny vibe, while blue and gray can create a sophisticated, calming atmosphere. Interior designers use their knowledge of color theory to create harmonious color schemes that work well together.




yellow, generation Z, interior decor, artwork, fine art, gallery, rossi kelton fine art gallery

 Art by Rossi Kelton, 2023 


 analogous, color, scheme, interior design, rossi kelton, rossi kelton fine art galleryThere are two, three, and four analogous combinations of blue color. 

complementary colors scheme blue orange red cyan interior design rossi kelton fine art gallery split complementary color blue scheme, interior design, rossi kelton fine art gallery


double complementary color scheme blue, rossi kelton, fine art gallery



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