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Breaking Tradition: How Generation Z is Revolutionizing the Way Art is Bought and Sold


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Emma was a Generation Z woman who had always been fascinated with art and deeply loved oil paintings. She wanted to decorate her new apartment with beautiful images that would add color and charm to her living space.


Emma had a limited budget but was determined to find the perfect oil painting. She searched through numerous online art stores, art galleries, and auctions. She spent hours browsing different websites and scrolling through social media pages to find the right piece of art. But whenever she found something she liked, it was either too expensive or had already been sold.


Emma's search continued for several months but she needed help finding the perfect oil painting to fit her budget and taste. She began to feel frustrated and disappointed. She had spent so much time searching for the ideal image, but her efforts seemed to be in vain.


One day, while scrolling through Instagram, Emma came across a page of a young artist specializing in oil paintings. The beauty and uniqueness of the artwork struck her. She felt a spark of hope that this might be the artist who could create the image of her dreams.


Emma immediately sent a message to the artist, expressing her interest in buying a painting. The artist replied promptly and asked for Emma's specifications. Emma was excited to finally find an artist who could create an image she would cherish forever.


The artist worked closely with Emma, asking for her input on color schemes, style, and size. After several weeks of communication and collaboration, the artist finally created the perfect oil painting that Emma had been searching for.


Emma was overjoyed when she received the painting. She hung it on her living room wall, transforming it into a vibrant, beautiful area. She felt proud to have supported a young artist and to have a unique painting that was tailored to her taste and personality.


Emma's struggle to find the perfect oil painting had been long and frustrating, but it had taught her the value of patience and perseverance. She had learned that sometimes the best things in life take time and effort to find, but the reward is always worth it.


Generation Z are tech-savvy collectors?


How young Generation Z individuals buy artwork can vary depending on their preferences and circumstances. However, here are a few common ways that they may purchase artwork:


Online marketplaces: Many young people buy artworks through online marketplaces like Etsy, Redbubble, or Society6. These websites allow artists to sell their work directly to buyers, often at more affordable prices than traditional galleries.


Social media: Some young people may discover artists and purchase artwork through social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Artists often use these platforms to showcase their work and connect with potential buyers.


Art fairs are events where galleries and artists gather to display and sell their work. Some young people may attend these events to discover new artists and purchase artwork.


Directly from artists: Some young people may purchase artwork directly from artists, either online or in person. It allows them to support emerging artists and build relationships with them.


While some young people may use galleries to purchase artwork, it is only sometimes necessary. Galleries can be intimidating for some individuals, and many young people prefer to discover and buy paintings through alternative channels.


 Social Media and Art: Generation Z preferences


Generation Z, individuals born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, is a digitally-savvy generation that spends a lot of time on social media platforms. However, when buying artwork, it is inaccurate to say that they prefer social media over other channels.


While social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have become increasingly popular for discovering and sharing art, many Generation Z buyers still prefer to purchase art through traditional channels, such as art galleries, art fairs, and online marketplaces Rossi Kelton Fine Art Gallery and Saatchi Art.


A 2021 survey by Art Basel and UBS found that 57% of collectors under 40 still purchase art through art galleries and art fairs, while 47% buy art online through galleries or auction houses.


Furthermore, it's worth noting that buying art is a highly personal and subjective experience, and individual preferences can vary greatly. While some Generation Z buyers may prefer to purchase art through social media platforms, others may choose more traditional channels.


Overall, it's important to remember that while social media can be a valuable tool for discovering and sharing art, it is not the only or preferred channel for all art buyers, including those in Generation Z.

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