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Subtraction Two, 24 x 32 in., Acrylic, Paper, 2021

Subtraction Two, 24 x 32 in., Acrylic, Paper, 2021

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Title: "Subtraction Two"

Medium: Acrylic on Paper

The masterpiece "Subtraction Two" stands as a testament to the vast universe of color theory and optical art. Predominantly featuring the primary colors magenta, cyan, and yellow, this work pulls the viewer into a mesmerizing experience of visual dynamics.

The composition is a beautiful symphony of circles, carefully overlapping and intersecting in a harmonious dialogue of colors and shapes. The artist skillfully uses these spherical forms as the main carriers of the color subtraction principle, illustrating the magic of optical color mixing.

Magenta, cyan, and yellow – the subtractive primaries – emerge boldly against the stark white of the paper. As they cross and overlap, they demonstrate the fundamentals of subtractive color theory. Where magenta and yellow meet, red springs forth; where cyan and yellow intertwine, green is born; and where magenta and cyan cross, a profound blue blossoms.

What is perhaps most striking about "Subtraction Two" is its optical dimension. The painting invites viewers to lose themselves in the fascinating labyrinth of colorful circles, journeying through the realm of color subtraction. The colors seem to pulsate and shimmer as the viewer's gaze traverses the artwork, paying homage to the optical art movement.

The artist's bold brushstrokes and the smooth texture of the acrylic paint create an interesting dichotomy between the rigidity of geometric shapes and the fluidity of color mixing. This tension adds a compelling layer of complexity to the painting, challenging the viewer to reconcile the structure with the chaos.

As much as "Subtraction Two" is a brilliant exploration of color theory, it is also a visual treat. The dominant magenta, cyan, and yellow colors are vibrant and lively, each circle radiating with energy. They demand attention, seducing the eye, while the subtler secondary colors add depth and balance, inviting further contemplation.

"Subtraction Two" is not merely a painting; it is an exploration, an experiment, and a testament to the power of color. Through the intersection of circles, the study of color subtraction becomes an abstract representation of the interplay between light, color, and our perception. It's a testament to the complexity of sight and the endless possibilities when primary colors converge. Through this optical art, we are reminded of the infinite potential of the simple circle and the raw, primary colors that construct our world.

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