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Illuminati, 16 x 20 in., Oil, Linen, 2021

Illuminati, 16 x 20 in., Oil, Linen, 2021

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Title: "Illuminati"

Medium: Oil on Linen

The purpose behind my creation of the artwork "Illuminati" was to explore and challenge the boundaries of human visual perception, in line with the principles of Optical Art. I was intrigued by the idea of using geometric patterns and color contrasts to create illusions of movement, space, and depth on a flat surface.

The artwork's title, "Illuminati," was selected to reflect the concept of enlightenment and illumination, both literally and metaphorically. The title itself references a historical secret society believed to be enlightened, and it also represents the goal of the piece: to enlighten viewers about the unique possibilities of visual perception.

In "Illuminati," I used oil paints to create intricate geometric patterns, primarily because of the texture and depth that this medium can provide. The use of oil on linen allowed me to build up multiple layers of paint, achieving a level of intricacy and depth that might not be possible with other mediums.

The artwork incorporates a complex arrangement of lines, shapes, and colors, designed to manipulate the viewer's perception and create a sense of movement and depth. The precise placement of each line and shape was planned to maximize the optical illusion, drawing the viewer's eye into a seemingly three-dimensional space created purely through two-dimensional means.

Furthermore, the choice of colors in "Illuminati" was not random. I utilized a carefully chosen palette to accentuate the depth and movement effects. The use of contrasting colors helps to enhance the optical illusion, making the geometric shapes appear to advance and recede.

Ultimately, "Illuminati" is not just an artwork but an exploration of the human perception of reality. Through this piece, I aimed to challenge viewers, asking them to question what they see and consider the power of perspective. This piece is an invitation to dive into the unknown, to question the taken-for-granted, and to find enlightenment in the process.


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