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Chromaind Nine, 30 x 30 in., Acrylic, metal, 2021

Chromaind Nine, 30 x 30 in., Acrylic, metal, 2021

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"Chromaind Nine" is a captivating print that explores the phenomenon of chromatic induction and its mesmerizing effects on color perception. Created by the talented artist Rossi Kelton, this artwork challenges traditional notions of color and immerses viewers in a dynamic visual experience.

What sets "Chromaind Nine" apart is its utilization of chromatic induction—a perceptual phenomenon where the perception of a color is influenced by its neighboring colors. Rossi Kelton skillfully employs this effect to create an intriguing visual display that constantly shifts and evolves.

As viewers engage with "Chromaind Nine," they are instantly captivated by the interplay of colors. The intense saturation of the primary hues amplifies the chromatic induction effect, causing the colors to interact and influence one another. The red section, for example, might appear to bleed into the surrounding blue and yellow, creating dynamic gradients and illusions of new colors emerge.

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