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New Body of Work

Artist Statement

     I paint because I want to show a part of my soul. I paint with color because it is a form of spiritual communication. Spiritual communication of color as a language influences the way I feel when I paint or relax. As I paint, I feel the power of paint to improve and refine my soul. As a disabled artist, I am blind in my right eye and process information differently from everyone else. I have less depth perception and field of vision. My eyes compensate, and I have learned to work with my disability.

     In this clear aesthetic language, color is autonomous and unstable. It is essential to understand that color is unstable and changes in terms of the appearance of the color on any object or surface. The three leading causes of color variations in appearance are light, texture, or interaction with other colors. Color is a phenomenon of light and an experience without form in space. Color language is affected by the projection of color on objects and how the human eye processes this light

     I communicate the dynamic movement of hues by using repeated forms and geometric shapes. I use bright colors and textures to display color. In this language of color, perception is relative. Perception is affected by brightness, hue, and saturation. As a visually impaired individual, my lack of depth perception doesn’t affect hue and saturation. It is the reason I aim to communicate the properties of color according to saturation in my work by showing geometric structures that demonstrate Additive color, Subtractive color, Chromatic induction, and Transchromie transparencies. I aim to communicate the property of hue in my work by painting artwork that shows simultaneous contrast.


     A significant inspiration in my work has been the optical and kinetic artists of the 1950s and 1960s, such as Victor Vasarely, Josef Albers, and Carlos Cruz-Diez To summarize, my areas of exploration of the language of color include saturation and hue in the form of additive color, subtractive color, chromatic induction, Transchromie transparencies, and simultaneous contrast. I want to demonstrate that the language of color can be communicated to visually impaired people. I plan to research ways to create this communication with other individuals that are visually impaired. ◦