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How to sell on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

Posted by Rossana Kelton on

This is my first time attempting to sell online at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through the internet. I began by reading an article online stating that you could start selling your products on Pinterest. I have been very interested in selling my products in that platform and I had set up a business account so that I could do this. I had originally set up an individual account in Pinterest which I converted to a business account with the sole purpose of selling my original fine art paintings in the future. I am very excited about the possibility of selling my original fine art paintings in Facebook and Twitter. I have a Facebook account at facebook/rossana.kelton and have been looking forward to showing my latest fine art creations on Facebook. This was originally an individual account which I converted to a business account. I am excited at the possibility of finally selling my products through the Facebook channel. I am also looking forward to selling on Twitter. I have a Twitter account, https://twitter.com/keltoncofineart and I am looking forward to showcasing my fine art creations on Twitter for sale. I realize that it will take more than just placing a tweet with the Shopify information to sell on this platform. I think that socializing and meeting new artists and customers will also help. My main goal is to sell all my original fine art paintings so that I can begin to work on abstract landscaping and working in Plein air like the original impressionists worked. These are my news as of July 13, 2016. I will continue to post as I continue to add more products to my new Shopify store:  rossanakeltonartist.myshopify.com


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