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Eye-opening Antique Mall Experience

This past month I learned a very important lesson. I learned to be humble, take constructive criticism and to work on improving my artistic technique. I had a very eye-opening experience which I will like to write about. I learned a lot from a couple of mistakes. To begin my story, I must go back in time to March 2019.  I have children and one suggested that I go with her to a new place to look at many different antiques, etc. I was excited to go to a new place to see new things. I went with my daughter to this new antique mall which was located near my house and which I had not an idea that it...

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What's New in Cancer Research

Special Report What’s New in Cancer Research? Cancer is not just one disease; it is many.The latest advances in genetics, immunology and cellular biology  are paving the way to better treatments (and perhaps even a few cures) for all of them October 14, 2014 New Drugs Free the Immune System to Fight Cancer By releasing the brakes that tumor cells place on the immune system, researchers are developing a new generation of more powerful treatments against malignancy May 1, 2014 — Jedd D. Wolchok   Health Viewing Cancer as a Physics Problem Suggests New Treatments Cells and a stiff material called the matrix can squeeze blood vessels in tumors and thus block delivery of cancer-fighting drugs to malignant cells. Now...

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Pantone color of the year, 2017

Pantone color of the year for 2017 is greenery, see article below  

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Colors everyone will be talking about for 2017!!

Next year interior design trends include:  Inspiration will be from Personality types: 1. Confident: Dusky Blue   -----similar to  "Endless Sea" by Sherwin-Williams 2. Confident: Blue Green  ------similar to "Jade Dragon" by Behr 3. Confident: Sunshine Yellow --- similar "Fiesta Yellow" by Benjamin Moore 4. Composed: Mineral Grey  ------similar "Shades On" by Behr 5. Composed: Light Blue-Green -----similar "Bora Bora Shore" by Sherwin-Williams 6. Composed: Earthy Green and Taupe Beige - similar "Strong Neutral Tone" by Farrow and Ball and "Feathery Blue" by Farrow and Ball 7. Comfortable: Powdery Blue -- similar "Gentle Aquamarine" by Sherwin-Williams 8. Comfortable: Pastel Pink --- similar "Mixed Fruit" by Benjamin Moore 9. Comfortable: Dusted Yellow --- similar "Gold Hearted" by Behr Read the whole...

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